Visit the Holy Land, in Brookland

Best time to go: 05/01 - 09/30  

The Franciscans have been stewards of the Holy Land for the past 800 years, and they are famous for their tours that happen throughout the year. If you’re short the $2,500 + airfare for their standard excursion, you can visit all the key highlights at the Franciscan Monastery in Brookland, which is effectively the Epcot Center of Jesus, right here is Washington, DC.

The Franciscan Monastery and Memorial Church of the Holy Land was consecrated in 1924.
DC’s Franciscan Monastery features many sub-tropical plants that thrive in our mild environment.
The shrine of the resurrection in Washington, DC is wonderful. Try not to bump your head.
The Franciscan Monastery in DC provides an education in near-high art.
You probably should discourage your children from climbing the fake boulders at DC’s Franciscan Monastery.
There are many beautiful water features at the Franciscan Monastery
Beneath the church is an extensive maze of catacombs.

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