Chinese Cultural Festival

Next date: August 31, 2024 10:00 am

The Saturday before Labor Day, Chinese American artists descend upon Capitol Hill to showcase their talent and celebrate the cultural heritage of China.  The Chinese Cultural Festival opens at 10am and performances begin at 11am.

Although the event sits in the shadows of the East Wing of the National Gallery of Art (designed by Chinese American Architect I.M. Pei), the stage and seating area are under direct sun most of the day.  For this reason, you should pack plenty of water, sunscreen, and a big hat or sunbrella.  I also recommend bringing a pair of ear plugs because the best seats are directly in front of the speakers and the volume is too loud to listen comfortably.

To escape the sun, climb to the rooftop sculpture garden atop the National Gallery of Art.

2023 Theatrical Performance Program

11:00 “Micro Youth” Beijing Dance Academy — Rehearsal teacher: Yang Jie
11:05 Erhu solo “Ten Thousand Horses Running to the Net” — Guo Yulong
11:10 Women’s solo dance “Lowercase” — Beijing Dance Academy Number: Wu Yue Li Tao — Performer: Su Zhang
11:15 Male and female group dance “Daolang Maixilaifu” — Choreographer: Tieli Mankadel
11:20 Djembe playing — First Team Zhang Le
11:25 Cello solo and ensemble “Swan Goose” Potomac Performing Arts studio Solo Jiang Jian (with students >
11:30 Shanxi Folk Song (A False Sister Standing on a Mountain Ridge) — Solo: Chen Si B, 11:35 Duet “Little River Flows” — Vocals: Yang Jun Chen Jianwei
11:40 Men’s double compilation “Anhui Huagudeng Beijing Opera — Zhuanzu University — Choreographer: Jin Ming
11:45 Women’s group dance “This” — Beijing Dance Academy
Rehearsal teacher: Yang Hao
11:50 When the melodrama “Memory” — Soloist: Hu Ronghua
11:55 Song “Nobody Touches Tonight”
12:00 (Northern Dance) Men’s solo dance “Chasing Shadows)
Beijing Dance Academy — Chen Qingye Park Xuehua — Performer: Liu Yanche
12:00 (North District) Men’s Belt (Book of Shadows) Beijing Dance Academy — Director: Chen Qingjian Park Xuehua — Performer: Liu Junior High School
12:05 Ruzhen (If Spring Breeze) — Liang Hong Dance School — Instructor: Liang Hong
12:10 Peking Opera “Legend of the White Snake” “Shuidou*
Wang Mei as White Lady — Ru Steamed Dumplings Small Mouth Baltimore Orient Team — Team Leader: Spicy Chicken Ru
12:20 Martial arts — Xinmei Martial Arts Academy — Supervisor: Shehui Tristan
12:25 Group face of men and women (Qixi Dance Love)
Beijing Language Institute
1:30 Involved in the compilation 1.1.32 Go Ton (Me and My Greek Country) — Art Direction: Bingtang
1:45 Small chorus “Set off your color future” — Dahua Hehaogezhou Team
2:20 Erhu “Fang Qugou” — Potomac Performing Arts Studio — Playing: Ding (student)