Tour 1 West Mount Vernon Place

Best time to go: 11/15 - 02/15  

My son would rather visit the dentist than an Art Museum. So I’ve come to associate cultural enlightenment with the sound of a low, constant moan.

Not so at the Walters. To their labyrinth of secret, kid-friendly passages, basement family room and courtyard popup art they have added what can only be described as a family playground for aesthetes.

I’ll admit that the augmented realty features in the various rooms seemed gimmicky. But, hey, it got my son looking around. And the talking busts in the library was creepy cool.

It was also hard not to be swept away by the odd mixture of post-modern ceramics in a neo-classical setting. And the infinity chandeliers in the main ballroom is something even an adult will enjoy.

The kids art room is the crowning achievement of 1WMVP. The neurotically manicured craft drawers and a magnetic wall with carefully selected art that you could take off the wall and admire made James feel a bit like Henry Bemis in Time Enough at Last

And I, all the while, enjoyed high art without the whinge.

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