Golf at Hains Point

The driving range at East Potomac Park is free and you may buy a bucket of balls for $5-$10

If you’re looking for an inexpensive place to pick up your game, head over to the 18-hole course at Hains Point. Named for the Army Corps of Engineers Colonel who designated it as a the landfill from Potomac dredging operations, this man-made island is flat and often cooler than the rest of the city due to the breezes off the river.

Experienced golfers will find little challenge (or visual interest) in the course, but novices will enjoy the easy pitch. Those who have zero interest in golfing may enjoy driving a golf cart around the grounds (which will cost around $30 for 9 holes, inclusive of the required greens fee). Add a friend for $7 – $15, depending on their age.