Explore Burke Lake

Best time to go: 03/15 - 11/01  

Just half an hour Southwest of DC is a 218 acre lake surrounded by wilderness. Because there are no homes on the lake and gas-powered boats are not permitted, the park feels like it could be far off in the mountains.

Burke Lake Map
The Burke Lake Map shows some of the activities in the park.

Entrance to the park is $10 (free for Fairfax County residents), and there are additional fees for activities such as golfing, canoe rental, or riding the narrow-gauge train that goes along the western shore of the lake.

Canoes and row boats are available for rental
Burke Lake is best explored via canoe

Camping is also available on the lake’s north shore, though it can feel a little cramped with all the cars in these drive-in sites.

Vesper Island (in the middle of Burke Lake) is strictly off-limits to all but the most fierce trouble-makers

A 4.7 mile trail winds around the lake and is suitable for hiking (2 hours with kids) or biking (half an hour).

The south shore offers stunning views

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