2024 World Embassy Tour in DC

Next date: May 3, 2025 10:00 am

Pre-registration is highly recommended

If you’re familiar with the 6 Secret Cities of the DMV, you already know that our nation’s capital is a collection of several world villages.

Nowhere is this more evident than Passport DC’s World Embassy Tour, the greatest block party of the year in our city, which happens on the Saturday before the May 9 anniversary of the Schuman Declaration.  Music, dances, traditional food and cocktails abound amid the diplomatic residences and office buildings of Washington’s Embassy Row.  

Metro | Park | World Embassy Tour Map

What about the European Embassies?

They are closed on the Saturday of this event (so don’t show up in your tux at the Swedish Embassy), but will be open the following Saturday at the EU Open House.

How do I get to the Embassies?

Described by some as DC’s Epcot Center, only bigger, our nation’s diplomatic core extends from DuPont Circle to National Cathedral, with some embassies sprawling deep into Tenleytown. The distributed nature of the party — paired with the massive crowds it draws — can make it hard to attend without some advanced planning. My advice is to avoid an overly ambitious agenda. Even if you pick some of the less popular embassies with no lines, you’re not going to hit more than five embassies in a day. 

Tips for riding Metro to the World Embassy Tour

If you want to get within walking distance of the most events, take the red line to Dupont Circle. But be warned, you won’t be the only one with this idea. The lines outside the Embassies nearest Dupont Circle are horrendous. Consider, instead, the Van Ness station (also red line), which is walking distance from Ghana, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Singapore on week 1 and Austria andSlovakia on week 2.

Where are the best places to park near the Embassies?

The streets around DuPont Circle become parking lots after 9am and you won’t be able to leave your car anywhere.  Your best bet is to arrive early or check out one of the maps below to find a cluster outside Embassy Row.

Embassy Row: In 2018 we parked on the street just blocks away from the dancing, music and mini-bazaar at the Embassy of Afghanistan.  Although they’re no longer participating — the Taliban are not a festive bunch — the streets around the Afghan Embassy have more ample parking and are walking distance to the rest of Embassy Row.   

International Court: In 2022, we parked close to Pakistan, Libya, Gambia and Uganda.  There’s plenty of parking on International Court on the Egyptian Embassy side just after you turn off Van Ness.  This will put you right next to Pakistan and a few blocks from the tailgate party for Libya, Gambia and Uganda at UDC. 

Map of the Embassy World Tour

Although you’ll find plenty of bars and restaurants near most of the embassies on the map below, most participating embassies offer traditional dishes from their country for free.  Some even offer librations such as a rum tasting or a favorite mixed drink.  So pick an embassy and stay for the day.  You’ll find all you need.

More Parties Ahead!

On the Saturday immediately following the World Embassy Tour, the European Embassies party EU style at the EU Open House.  Plan for similar crowds (and walking).  Head over to our overview of this year’s EU Open House for an EU embassy map, parking guide and schedule of festivities.