Feed people in your community

Next date: November 6, 2021 8:00 am

A few weeks before Thanksgiving, communities across America come together to replenish local food banks. The fun begins the first Saturday in November, when scouts drop off reminders and bags at people’s houses so they can collect extra foodstuffs in their pantry.

The second Saturday in November, Scouts will canvass nearly every street in America to collect food left out on doorsteps. As you’ll see below, organizers go to great effort to ensure that the experience is fun for the many children who pitch in to help with the collection effort.

One goal of scouting for food is to help children find joy in serving their community.

If you wake up early on the second Saturday in November, you might see scouts roving the streets of your neighborhood collecting food for area food banks.
After food is collected, scouts sort the food into boxes.
Once the food is sorted, scouts load a truck bound for their area food bank.

Scouting is now for both boys and girls! If you know a 5 – 18 year old who might enjoy pitching in, sign them up! This is just one of the many ways that scouting inspires a lifetime of fellowship and community service.

And if you don’t have a scout, you can still pitch in by remembering to drop food on your front porch on the second Saturday in November. It’s a great way to begin the season of giving.

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