Visit the Holy Land, in Brookland

Best time to go: 05/01 - 09/30  

The Franciscans have been stewards of the Holy Land for the past 800 years, and they are famous for their tours that happen throughout the year. If you’re short the $2,500 + airfare for their standard excursion, you can visit all the key highlights at the Franciscan Monastery in Brookland, which is effectively the Epcot …

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Get lost in Meadowlark Gardens

Best time to go: 04/01 - 10/31  

Pre-registration is highly recommended

You really can get lost in this 95 acre Eden in the heart of Vienna, VA. My son’s favorite part was the “Experimental Meadow,” which is a giant maze of overgrown grass. But that’s just the beginning. [1] The Korean Bell Garden is the visual highlight of Meadowlark, with a gigantic two-toned bell set in …

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Fall Festival at Cox Farms

Best time to go: 10/01 - 10/02  

Pre-registration is highly recommended

$15 – $20pp (weekends) / $7pp (weekdays) – $80 for a family of four can seem expensive for a day at the farm, but Cox does it right. With mountains of gigantic slides, music and a hefty dose of camp, it’s an excellent place to spend a day with the kids. Unlike Great Country Farms, …

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Apple Gala & Cider Fest

Best time to go: 08/31 - 09/29  

Pre-registration is highly recommended

Pick apples, sample apple-themed treats, enjoy great music, and kick-off the fall season at Great Country Farms.

The Maryland Renaissance Festival at Revel Grove

Best time to go: 08/23 - 10/22  

Pre-registration is highly recommended

The festival kicks off with a different storyline each year, for example: The day begins well, although eyebrows are raised as it is noticed the Queen is not in attendance, but the King openly flaunts Mistress Anne Boleyn. The King is seeking an annulment from Queen Katherine and hopes to quickly marry Anne Boleyn. The case …

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