The 7 Best Ski Resorts near DC

Best time to go: 01/15 - 02/29  

There are a dozen ski resorts within a short drive from Washington, DC. Liberty, Canaan, Wisp, Wintergreen and Bryce are among our favorites.

Two children pose in front of a sign that says Visit Baltimore

The Ultimate Guide to Baltimore: 3 Days in Charm City

Just show up! You don't need tickets.

Baltimore is a world apart from DC. The touristy waterfront is just the beginning. Here are some of my favorite, off-the-beaten-path destinations in Charm City, USA. DAY 1: The Waterfront On a recent trip to Baltimore, I had a tête-à-tête with a three-toed sloth and caressed a live jellyfish with my bare hands, and that …

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Top 7 best ice skating rinks in DC

Best time to go: 11/15 - 03/01  

DC hosts a number of great outdoor ice rinks that open up in November and stay open through February.

The fish counter at the Good Fortune Supermarket at Eden Center, one of the many cultural centers near Washington, DC

Secret Cities of the DMV

Best time to go: 10/01 - 12/31  

If eating Swedish meatballs at the IKEA cafe is your idea of a cultural experience, you need to get out more. Washington, DC’s international heritage goes well beyond the seasonal embassy parties along Connecticut Avenue, and although many of its cultural centers (such as U-Street’s Little Ethiopia) are within the city limits, you may need …

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You can find excellent sledding hills all around you in DC (though finding snow could be a challenge)

10 Best Sledding Hills Around DC

Best time to go: 01/01 - 02/15  

Julia will happily spend an hour on her favorite sledding hill in Bluemont Park. The moment her skin touches the snow, though, she’ll inform anyone who will listen that she has broken her arm and needs to go to the hospital immediately. Choosing a good sled hill means finding something that works for both the daredevils and those with more delicate constitutions.

Celebrate Chinese New Year!

Best time to go: 01/20 - 02/15  

Just show up! You don't need tickets.

In late January and early February, Washingtonians make the most of the Chinese New Year (and other Lunar New Year festivals). The Chinese and Korean embassies provide ample support by attracting performers from around the world, in collaboration with the Smithsonian, the Kennedy Center, and other local venues.

Evidence of a beaver at Seneca Creek Lake

The Top 5 Public Lakes Near Washington, DC

Best time to go: 04/01 - 09/30  

Just half an hour north of DC are several public lakeside retreats with playgrounds, boat rentals, picnic areas, and an abundance of history and natural attractions. Although these lakes are all open year-round, some amenities — such as boat rentals, swimming and kiddie rides — are only available in the warmer months. Public Lakes in …

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Como se llama?

The 4 Best Zoos Near Washington, DC

Roer’s: A Safari in Northern Virginia During the pandemic, we were missing other, unmasked faces. So we headed out to in Reston, Virginia. Roer’s has a petting zoo with goats, kangaroos, cheetah, and lemurs. On our last visit, a wallaby baby started to hop over to my daughter but was stopped with a single paw …

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Julia holds up an ancient sharks tooth on the banks of the Potomac River.

Secret Spots to Collect Fossils

Just show up! You don't need tickets.

Calvert Cliffs, Stratford Hall, Westmorland State Park, and Dinosaur Park in Laurel, MD are the most famous nearby digs for fossil enthusiasts. But the best fossil spot for beginners is a hidden gem less than an hour south of DC.

A boardwalk trail winds through Huntley Meadows.

The Best Birding Near DC

Best time to go: 03/01 - 11/15  

Whether you’re tracking seasonal migrations, working on your Big Year or just looking to add some color to a casual stroll, you can’t go wrong with these great birding spots in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia. Before you go, though, don’t forget the essential equipment for every birding expedition: Binoculars, a Birding app on your …

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